Xfce desktop and speed of light broken.

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I have enjoyed using the Xfce desktop in the past and Gnome 3 is good, but it is bloated and I have decided to switch to something that will not tax my poor CPU so much. The Xfce desktop environment has been around for a very long time and has grown to be a worthy successor to the deprecated Gnome 2 desktop environment that has been supplanted by the Gnome 3 release that has cleft the Linux user community in twain. But the key strength of the Linux and UNIX operating systems is the freedom of choice in choosing a desktop environment to perform your tasks. With the Glossy GTK theme and a nice Metacity theme, it looks as nice as Gnome. Go to Digital Blasphemy and download a nice wallpaper to complete your desktop look. Many People as I have said do not like the Gnome 3 / Unity interfaces, but if you do not like the desktops then install something else. I installed Gnome 3, KDE and Xfce from the Fedora installation ISO and I am happiest with the Xfce example right now. I had to configure the HDMI audio manually with the sound properties, but this was very easy and this allowed me to use non Gstreamer applications to play audio.

The Linux operating system on PC is far more secure than the Google Android operating system for tablets and mobile telephones. That has a lot of security issues and needs more work before it is ready for mainstream use. But the Android operating system is being hawked on television ad nauseum and everyone is purchasing a mobile telephone with Google Android, so I hope this does not reflect negatively on the Linux kernel and the Linux operating system in general. Sure they can use Linux to create an operating system for ‘phones and mobile tablets, but make sure that your implementation is put together with security and reliability built into it from the beginning. That is the basis of other super secure operating systems such as OpenBSD. I have given up on using Windows and I am going to use Linux from now on. Windows 7 is pretty secure, but not as secure as Linux and is prone to many attacks, some that require the Safari web browser and visiting a certain website. But it is better to use the Firefox web browser on Windows and Linux.


http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51495-speed-of-light-broken/ The speed of light has been challenged by a particle accelerator that has apparently fired neutrinos faster than light. The particles covered the 730 KM distance 60 billionths of a second faster than they should have. The distance should have been covered in 2.4 thousandths of a second if this was a light beam, but the particles travelled the set distance faster, and therefore the controversy has arisen. But if the Delorean wanted to exceed the speed of light it would require more than infinite energy to reach the speed of light and it could not exceed that maximum speed of c. Tachyons travel faster than light at all times and are therefore impossible to observe directly. But that is a different case altogether. Tachyons always travel faster than the speed of light and they cannot be reduced below c and they would cease to exist if this was attempted. But they can not be used to send information back in time, making time travel back in time impossible, just the same as controlling the spin of an Electron will alter the spin of the Electrons counterpart even across the Universe, but this can not be used to send a message.

So driving the Delorean back to 1885 is not going to happen any time soon. Just because the neutrinos have supposedly beaten the speed of light does not mean that we can go back to 1950 or the year 802701. Although that would be a fun adventure. You could travel to the year 200,000,000 and live on the mega continent Pangea Ultima. Having all the continents on Earth joined as one mega continent would be awesome and you would be able to travel all the way from one side to another without crossing anything worse than a river.I would rather visit Middle Earth if I had a holodeck like the training simulator in Xmen 3 or the Star Wars Holodeck. Assuming that you had a Holodeck that could contain all of Middle Earth, this would be heaps of fun indeed, I would visit Mordor and see Orodruin and Barad Dur. Or spend the day in Orthanc and read some of Sarumans writings and try out his Pilantir. Or go back to the time of the Last Alliance and watch the great battle from a safe distance. Or even the dragon of Morgoth, from the time before Elrond and Isildur. The Children of Hurin is a great book, just as worthy of a read as The Silmarillion.

Thankfully they are making The Hobbit, seeing the dragon on the lonely mountain will be worth the price of the film that is for sure, I hope the scene is as good as the fight between Gandalf Greyhame and the Balrog of Morgoth, that was his fall into darkness in the movie and he was reborn as Gandalf The White. Rivendell and Lothlorien would also be a worthwhile visit, the set they created for the movies was incredible and really conveyed the feeling that it was an Elvish settlement and the atmosphere of the place was that of peace and safety, despite the wars going on around them. The last battle at the black gate in the book comprised humans fighting alongside the Elves and Dwarves as one huge alliance to make one last stand against the forces of Mordor. But they were ambused and forced into a huge battle for their lives, but the ring was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom and all of the craft of Sauron was thrown down. Once the ring was melted in the 2000 degree lava, then Sauron’s power was gone and all of his existance was null. only Minas Ithil retained its evil, necessitating the bridge leading into the city be thrown down and the former city of men forsaken.

But this was unavoidable, the evil that dwelt within the city of Minas Ithil was not destroyed with the fall of Sauron and the Nazgul, but at least the rest of the land occupied by Sauron was taken back by men and the reign of the heir to the throne of Isuldur took his rightful place as King of Gondor. Theoden, son of Thingol reigned over Rohan and ruled over his former kingdom once again, free of the influence of Grima Wormtongue. You can tell that I like the Lord of the Rings, that series of books is one of the best ever written, J.R.R Tolkien had quite an imagination to be able to create such a cohesive world as this. Getting back to computing, Bill Gates seems to be a good analogue of Sauron, he is ruling an evil empire that is bent on world domination with his virus prone operating system that is not as stable as Linux, I have had BSODs in Windows 7 and that goes to show that it may be a stable operating system, but I think that Linux beats it hands down. I swear that the Microsoft programmers deliberately code Windows to be unstable, surely they are not that incompetent are they? I am already getting visitors to my website using Internet Explorer 10, this means they are using Windows 8. I wonder what the finished product will be like.

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