Windows still a Malware target after all of this time.

Posted: November 16, 2011. At: 2:25 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2179
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The Windows installation I have is still infected with Malware even after I cleaned it with MSE and updated all the virus definitions. This is not a good thing to have to deal with, but Linux can do things faster and with more security and stability than Windows 7 can manage. This is a joke, Microsoft promise that Windows is faster and more secure than any open source alternative, although the fact is that due to the open source codebase, there are many pairs of eyes looking at the code and any malicious instructions inserted into the Linux kernel would easily be discovered and stamped out. Apparently, the source code for Windows 7 & Office 2003 was given to China to head off concerns about the safety of Microsoft products This is very concerning as anyone who has access to the Windows 7 source code can craft Malware that can better target Windows systems.

This is a good time to run Linux, I am only going to use Windows with the Internet disabled in future. The risk of Malware is just too great. OpenBSD is another super secure operating system that is very good for browsing the web with absolute security. But I like Fedora Core 15, it is more than secure enough for web browsing and graphics creation without having to run countless security programs to keep viruses out. Many users still use Internet Explorer 6.0 they must be stuck in some workplace that has not upgraded their version of IE in all that time. I remember using IE 4.01 in the Windows ’98 days but that was seriously insecure. Windows has always been a huge target for Malware, due to the dominating market share it enjoys in the x86 PC market. But many businesses still use Windows XP, the blue taskbar and green rolling hills are still visible on computer screens everywhere. That is sad, Ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 would be fine for a Internet cafĂ© if all you wanted to do was write up documents, browse the web and use Youtube. Sure, Windows XP will allow you to do this, but at the cost of Internet security. Although not the nightmare of Malware and spyware that Windows ’98 and Internet Explorer 4.01 was. OMFG that was interesting, when you were surfing the Internet on a dial-up modem and you were disconnected and reconnected to a phone number in Vanuatu.

But that was par for the course when using Windows in the Windows ’98 era. Windows 2000 was a little better and then Windows XP shocked people with the toy Fisher Price interface that is actually quite ugly compared to the clean and fast Windows 2000 style. XP is not as much an abomination from the pit like the Windows 8 Metro interface. WTF is that? This obsession with the touch interfaces has to stop. It has ruined Ubuntu and Windows 8, what else will happen? At least Gnome Shell is OK after installing the extras like the foot menu, extra themes and the Gnome Tweak Tool. If Canonical removed Unity and switched to Gnome Shell only, then the Ubuntu desktop would be worth using, but ATM it is weiderlich. But Ubuntu is moving to a tablet PC operating system with great stealth, we hardly saw it coming until 11.04. Then the Unity interface was born and we said WTF? Gnome 3 will be quite lovely to use after all with the support of the Gnome Look community that will create new themes and plugins for it., the source for the best Gnome themes and add ons.

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