Website moving. Hosting24 sucks.

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I am sick of my current webhost, I have had my files deleted from my website without warning and I am going to move my website to and hopefully they will offer better service than Stay away from them. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I am going to transfer my current domain name to that webhost and hopefully I can have a seamless WordPress setup and I have a new title picture and I am wanting to just run my website without all of the dramas that I have had to endure.

Experimenting with ssh again to connect betwixt my laptop and the main machine with a crossover cable. You just need to type,

ifconfig eth0

on the server machine and then type

ifconfig eth0

on the laptop, this will allow them to connect to each other, then on the laptop I typed ssh -l makron to connect via the Secure Shell and after typing my password, I have access to the server and can execute commands over the network. The Linux Mint 9 server uses byobu when you are logged in, which is cool, you can spawn a few command prompts and switch between them with F3 and F4.

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Thanks, I switched to Hostgator, versus Hosting24, due to their poor performance, Hostgator have much better service and I like having my own domain vs

Thanks for your comment!

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