Social Networking demonised?

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WordPress uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users and for commenters. These cookies expire two weeks after they are set.

The only annoying thing about WordPress that way I have it set up is that when you update the WordPress core package, it overwrites the index.php that you have set up in the wwwroot. But I had to upgrade the WordPress core and that has reminded me to back up the index.php in my home folder and that will come in useful in the future when I need to do another upgrade. Still, WordPress is a good CMS and has done a good job on my website. The American CIA has spoken about the Islamic terror threat and how they are using Social Networking and Internet anonymity to spread their word of terror, but this is just an attack on free speech and should not lead to more attacks on free speech and other basic freedoms that are being eroded every day, they trot out the terror threat over and over and they want us to go along with the lie of 911 and not to forget Global Warming which is based on a lie. Climate Change is based on false and flaky science and is not the most reliable argument for a price on Carbon which was created originally inside stars after the big bang and that is why they say we are made of star dust, we are based originally on nuclear waste. But the Earth hour is a colossal waste of time, the big polluters are still running during the hour and it really has no impact at all. The fact that we are based on carbon means that we are inextricably linked to the carbon cycle of the planet and we should learn to adapt to climate change rather than try and fix it with a carbon tax and dangerous mercury filled light bulbs. climate change is driven by the sun and there is a lot of greenhouse gases emitted from volcanoes and methane from the ocean.

Here is a good command to rip a DVD using mencoder on Linux.


mencoder -dvd-device /dev/sr0 dvd://1 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts
autoaspect -ffourcc DIVX -oac faac -o TwoTowers_DVDRIP-disc-1.avi

Save this as and make it executable and you can rip a DVD to the hard disk on high quality. The file shown below is the contents of my /etc/sysconfig/console file for OpenSuse 11.3, this gives you a much better console font that is more readable than the default font used by Suse Linux, which is too small at high resolutions, Ubuntu uses a very small console font and that is annoying, I think with Suse it is easier to fix these problems.

## Path:        Hardware/Console
## Description: Text console settings (see also Hardware/Keyboard)
## Type:	string
## Default:	""
## ServiceRestart: kbd
# Console settings.
# Note: The KBD_TTY setting from Hardware/Keyboard (sysconfig/keyboard)
# also applies for the settings here.
# Load this console font on bootup:
# (/usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/)

## Type:	string
## Default:	""
# Some fonts come without a unicode map.
# (.psfu fonts supposedly have it, others often not.)
# You can then specify the unicode mapping of your font
# explicitly. (/usr/share/kbd/unimaps/)
# Normally not needed.

## Type:	string
## Default:	""
# Most programs output 8 bit characters, so you need a table to
# translate those characters into unicode. That one can be specified
# here. (/usr/share/kbd/consoletrans/)
# (Note: If your console is in utf-8 mode you don't need this.)
# If your code does not use a unicode mapping at all (because you
# e.g. explicitly specified UNICODEMAP="none") you may circumvent
# the translation via unicode, but load a map which directly maps
# 8 bit output of your program to a font position.

## Type:	string
## Default:	""
# for some fonts the console has to be initialized with CONSOLE_MAGIC.
# CONSOLE_MAGIC can be empty or have the values "(B", ")B", "(K" or ")K".
# Normally not needed (automatically handled by setfont).
## Path:	System/Console/Framebuffer
## Description:	Framebuffer configuration
## Type:	string
## Default:	""
# You may want to load a framebuffer display driver into your kernel
# in order to be able to change graphics modes etc. with fbset in
# console mode.
# Notes: Most people won't enter anything here, as:
#   * it won't work if you have vesafb already active
#   * its advantageous to have fb support compiled into your kernel
#   * Some XFree86 drivers (especially in XFree86-4.x) don't work
#     too well, if you enable framebuffer text mode.
# Example:
#  FB_MODULES="matroxfb_base vesa=0x182 fv=85 matroxfb_maven matroxfb_crtc2"

## Type:        string
## Default:     ""
# In case your kernel has framebuffer support (or you loaded the framebuffer
# support into your kernel as a module above), you may want to change the
# resolution or other parameters. This is done by secifying the parameters
# to fbset. Use a mode from /etc/fb-modes and additional parameters as
# -a, -depth , -vyres , ... (See fbset manpage and/or fbset -h).
# Notes:
#   * vesafb does not (currently) support changing the display mode
#   * BEWARE! Don't set modes your monitor can't do. Watch out for the maximum
#     horizontal frequency. Old monitors might even be damaged if you exceed
#     their capabilities.
# Example:
#   FBSET_PARAMS="-a -depth 16 768x576-90 -vyres 10240"

# Encoding used for output of non-ascii characters.

And this is illustrating the Command not found functionality built into Fedora Core 14, where I have tried to run the `fortune` program and it was not found, so it started the package manager to install the missing package. All distributions of Linux should have this.

[email protected] ~(-$) fortune
Command not found.
Install package 'fortune-mod' to provide command 'fortune'? [N/y] [email protected]
~(-$) n
Command not found.
[email protected] ~(-$)

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