Open BSD 4.8 released.

Posted: November 3, 2010. At: 8:14 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 663
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“The release of OpenBSD 4.8 has been announced. Highlights include ACPI suspend/resume, better hardware support, OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD/routing daemon improvements, inclusion of OpenSSH 5.5, etc. Nothing revolutionary, just the usual steady improving of the system. A detailed ChangeLog is available, as usual. Work, of course, has already started on the next release, which should be ready in May, according to the steady six-month release cycle.”

Open BSD 4.8 has been released and this super secure operating system gets more features including ACPI suspend and resume as well as a newer version of OpenSSH v5.5, as well as more of the usual upgrades and improvements. This operating system is a super secure version of BSD UNIX and is the best option for web-hosting on the Internet. It has more secure software than Linux and many orders of magnitude more secure than Windows Server hosting. I can not understand why you would host a server on Windows when you could use this. This website is hosted on Debian GNU/Linux and is fast and stable and has everything you could ask for, with the exception of SSH access, I think you need a Gold hosting package to get that, but it is really not worth upgrading for a small benefit.

Open BSD Desktop.
Open BSD Desktop.

Open BSD, and FreeBSD are very good UNIX operating systems for the desktop, I have run Free BSD before and it was very good. And programming on this operating system is the best, the kernel and distribution come from the same place and it is much easier to code a good program on such a outstanding and stable release.

This screenshot is showing NetBSD running the original Quake from ID Software. What a fun game, playing this never get’s old just like playing Ultimate Doom or Ridge Racer.

I play Episode 4 sometimes and Episode 2 has it’s moments like fighting those guys in the space suits, I love E2M1, you run to the walkway overlooking the water and you can jump over it and go straight to the exit in about 12 seconds or less, but then you miss out on the Grenade Launcher. Even BeOS could run Quake 2.

NetBSD Quake.
NetBSD Quake.

I play Darkplaces Quake on Linux Mint 9 and that runs fine at 800*600 using the integrated graphics on my i3 CPU, but I really need a dedicated graphics card to run it better and with less load on the poor integrated GPU. But it is 3D accelerated and has a better appearance than in the screenshot to the right, but I do not complain about that. But back to BSD, I hope that this operating system  never dies and keeps on keeping on, silently powering the backbone of the Internet and serving out the pages that we enjoy. And the world does not revolve around Windows, you should try the alternatives as well and enjoy the open source alternative. I am thinking of trying FreeBSD or Desktop BSD again, and enjoying a easy to use UNIX operating system.

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