New Internet and blood from skin.

Posted: November 8, 2010. At: 10:31 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 667
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Sorry I have not updated for a while, my housemate moved out and took his ADSL Internet with him and I am on Optus Mobile ”Broadband” for now. I am running Windows Server 2003 R2 to be able to use the Optus Broadband dongle, and it supports all of the hardware on my Gigabyte motherboard perfectly and with my Core i3 CPU, it flies, a good compromise in between Windows XP and Windows 7. Scientists have found a way to make blood out of human skin, so if you need blood in the future, they can just excise a patch of skin and generate a blood supply for infusion in the laboratory. This will revolutionise medicine. Trials could begin as soon as 2012, and this would be safer than using the blood from a blood bank. Sydney’s Desalination plant has been built right next to the Kurnell sewage outfall that outputs raw sewage straight into the ocean untreated. This is not right, when it is so easy to treat sewage and dump treated effluent into the ocean and not destroy the environment like the NSW government is doing right now. You can google search and find Wikipedia articles on the subject and they go into detail on how the raw sewage waste is treated and filtered to become nicer smelling sewage effluent fit for flowing into a river. Our water in Wagga comes from the river which has had treated sewage dumped into it upstream, but that has been treated and properly dealt with to make it clean and safe. This is the sort of thing they did in London in the 19th century and that was horrible in the hot days, which necessitated the construction of the London sewer system. I guess there is not too much space on the location for a proper treatment plant, but even in Japan they can manage this easily with a vertical approach. We do need to look after the environment, but looking after the people is important as well.

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