NASA goes Galactic?

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Nasa has announced that they have long term plans to build a spaceship capable of travelling to other planets.

Enterprise 1701.
Enterprise 1701.

They want to investigate other forms of propulsion, such as electricity. As storing Hydrogen for long periods is apparently not the right thing to do. If we were not wasting billions of dollars on a pointless war, we would already be on Mars and as there is plenty of water ice under the surface of the red planet, you could split it into Hydrogen and Oxygen for breathing and fuel. Then the book series Red Mars would become a reality. I would love to be amongst the First Hundred to set foot on an alien world. You could develop super strong clear plastic sheets kilometers wide and roof over a crater and live under it building a city under a huge tent, just like they did in Green Mars.

The colonists had huge tented cities and also hollowed out the cliff faces and had huge windows looking out over the canyons. Imagine being on the edge of the Valles Marineris and having a 5 mile drop straight down from your window, that would be awesome. I am imagining being there during a huge dust storm and watching it from a cliff window and sipping Coffee whilst listening to some good music. Maybe the Mars colonies could claim independence from Earth and become a sovereign planet and it would take some of the strain off the planet Earth, as long as we had strategies to control the population here on Earth, which is becoming quite unmanageable I must say. Having some thousands of people moving to Mars and living there and breeding instead of on Earth would be the best thing, we are supposed to be colonising the galaxy by the year 6000, we should only be living on the Earth by then underground or under the ocean and letting the continents be preserved as a museum and protecting it for future generations to visit and enjoy. If we lived amongst the myriad of planets in the galaxy we would be a huge population, but with plenty of space to live and work and those who did not get along with another group would find their own planet to live on and keep out of each other’s way. That is what humanity needs to grow and develop as a proper species and get over the stupid obsession with religion that is holding us back. If it had not been for the Dark Ages we would have super advanced technology by now and not stuck here on this planet fighting against fake terrorists and extremists.

The best thing would be to release the trapped CO2 and melt out the permafrost on Mars and create oceans that could hold fish species that would provide food. Then you could introduce trees and algae to convert CO2 to O2 and create a thin but breathable atmosphere.

I am looking forwards to the future and hoping for space travel instead of wars and killing dominating the news. We need some positive things to look forward to and one of them is the first footage from the Mars mission. There are numerous problems to solve, one of them being the negative side effects of long term exposure to zero-gravity and radiation from the Sun and from cosmic radiation. But this will be taken into consideration I am sure, it would be helpful to construct the spaceship in orbit and build in a lot of shielding to protect the crew. Even a water wall facing back towards the Sun in between the Sun and the crew would help protect them from radiation.

An Interstellar Electromagnetic Ramscoop ship like the one pictured below would be able to reach the centre of the galaxy, which is 50.000 light years in 20 years ship time, although 50.000 years would have passed on Earth. Think about it.

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