Linux Bootloaders & Zune.

Posted: November 16, 2010. At: 4:34 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 690
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The river is rising again here in Wagga Wagga, we might get another flood like the one in October, that flooded the caravan park, and washed away bridge supports, but that is nature for you. I like the floodwaters, as they wash away all of the accumulated rubbish from the riverside.

I spent all of last night, reading about the new Windows 7 ‘phone that has been released and it can have a SD card inserted into it to add more storage, but this is a permanent change to the mobile phone as it is installed in the phone as a RAID stripe merged with the main memory in the device and if you take it out then the data will be inaccessible to the user unless you have some sort of Jedi hacking skills and you can manipulate file-systems at a very low level. They just want to ensure that any music you download from the zune service stays on the phone and does not end up on your pc. But Microsoft are never playing fair with the alternative operating systems or even their own users and the fact that if you have Linux operating systems installed and you install Windows, you can no longer boot Linux is just one example. Better to have grub2 installed in the MBR, then you can just run update-grub and you have the updated boot menu ready to go. My Samsung i560 phone has a Micro SD slot but the data is not lost when I remove it. Same with the SD slot in my laptop.

Microsoft need to play fair and put in a proper Micro SD slot enabling proper data copying from the phone to a PC, if the music from Zune is properly DRMed like the music from the Optus music store on mobile and the Bigpond music store where you download music to your mobile and you cannot send the files with Bluetooth or play them on another phone, then it would not matter if you could copy the tracks to your PC, as you could not play them. If you buy music from Bigpond music on your PC, there is no DRM, but there is on mobile. But the tracks are good quality. I have bought two albums from there and I am very happy with them.

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