Google Goggles. Drawing on websites with this cool new feature.

Posted: March 8, 2011. At: 12:04 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1069
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Draw on any website with Google Goggles.

Just visit the link and add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar and you can draw over any website when it is clicked. A very cool and collaborative Web 3.0 application. But not suitable for young children as they are drawing genitalia and swear words on there, but you can just leave a page open with the Google Goggles running and you can watch others drawing the images that is why I said it is a collaborative web 3.0 application, it is heaps of fun to play with and shows what the future of the Internet will be like, I.e heaps and heaps of Graffiti, like a Sydney train carriage., or any suburban brick wall in a rough neighborhood. In the old days of the Internet it was quite a wild place and now it is again, with even respectable websites like Wikipedia being defaced and over-painted, like the Joker’s henchmen painting over the art in the art gallery in the Micheal Keaton Batman movie. Anyway check it out and see what you think. The video I have included is a demonstration of what I am writing about and shows how you can deface and graffiti over websites and then erase the additions and reset the canvas back to default.

I recorded this on Debian GNU/Linux as the recordmydesktop program would not work properly on x64 OpenSuse 11.3 and I would rather use Debian as the software included is tested more thoroughly and is very reliable. To play DVD’s on Debian I only needed to install the libdvdcss package from the source tarball and then I could play my DVD discs with vlc, which gets some hate but is very good for recording television programs. OpenSuse is too bloated and feature filled, using pulseaudio and Mono makes it slower and does not necessarily make it a good and useful operating system, rather it will drive people away. As I have written before about the bloated KDE desktop that is only going to drive potential users towards Gnome or even Windows. Linux used to be a very fast and useful desktop operating system, now it is getting very slow and loaded down with unnecessary daemons for managing sound, we have OSS, alsa and Pulseaudio all in the one desktop distribution. Is that even necessary? We need to have just one and one that works properly for the user without getting in the way. if we trim the fat then we might get more users.

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