Google Chrome botnet? Fact or Fiction.

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WordPress uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users and for commenters. These cookies expire two weeks after they are set. Found this website discussing the Google Chrome web browser, the Google company are apparently using it to open a security hole in users machines, according to the blog. I am not sure about this, but Google Chrome is the most advertised web browser, you see the advertisements everywhere you look, out in the streets and on the Internet, especially on Google sites like Youtube obviously and with the advertisements displayed with Google Adsense. I prefer to use Firefox myself, as it has the adblock & Greasemonkey add-ons to enhance your web browsing experience. I do not like the simplistic interface in Chrome, I prefer having the address bar with the drop down arrow of previously typed urls, that makes life easier as well as the fact it is a much older browser than chrome and has always been my favorite browser ever since version 1.0. I miss the Portable Firefox that you could run off a thumb drive on any Windows machine keeping your profile on the drive, but I guess they have discontinued that version of Firefox. Before Firefox there was Mozilla 1.7 which was also a very secure and reliable web browser and even before that there was the Netscape Communicator web browser suite that included a web design application and an E-Mail client giving you everything you needed for using the Internet.

What ever happened to that? now there is the Firefox browser, the Thunderbird E-Mail client and there is no more suite of software like Netscape Communicator, but I guess if you have a CMS then you would not have so much of a need for a simple wysiwyg web design program. I only had to use one of the templates I already had and copy in the PHP code from the WordPress codex and then I had my template done for my index.php that you see now. Doing the website design that way is much easier, I am using the p2 WordPress theme and including some of it`s code in the website template to provide my threaded comments system. But getting back to Firefox, it is a much more robust web browser than Google Chrome, I have had scripts on a page lock up the browser and I have not had that happen with Firefox. I still going to use Google services as they are the best. And the Chinese crackers who are getting into Western data and the time that the Western Internet was re-routed through China and it would have been stored and analyzed thoroughly to discover our secrets, but what are they after? So they are the ones we need to worry about, not the Google company. China have performed cyber-attacks against Google before attempting to access Gmail accounts of human rights activists whom they consider to be dissidents and they would be wanting to track down those users and crack into their accounts, but this was unsuccessful. This reinforces the need for comprehensive Internet security strategies when you are using the Internet.

How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) – Free Microsoft Anti-virus. Microsoft Security Essentials. This is very good anti-virus and anti-spyware for Windows 7. Features and benefits of Microsoft Security essentials.

I have heard bad things about Sophos Antivirus so do not install that ever.

Here is a thread that is discussing MSE vs Norton.

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