FreeBSD WIFI working.

Posted: March 24, 2011. At: 4:05 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1131
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I have got the WIFI working on my laptop with FreeBSD, I am using the Broadcom integrated WIFI adapter in my laptop and it is working like a charm. I had to install the Broadcom firmware from ports, but now it is working perfectly. I tried a USB Belkin adapter, but that would re-boot the machine when I plugged it in for some reason, but Broadcom hardware is not that bad, getting it to work on FreeBSD was a bonus and the webcam is the only thing I have not tried. I have tried my Compro T-300 TV card on my main machine on FreeBSD and that would not work at all so I will stick with Linux on that machine for now. But the OS really is very good and very stable as well.

In other news thirteen record companies are suing Limewire, for the total bill of 75 Trillion dollars, which is greater than the GDP of the entire planet. This is absurd, In 2010, the global GDP was 62 Trillion, so even if everyone on the planet emptied their bank accounts they still would not get the money. Here is a list of countries by GDP. 75 Trillion dollars is a unimaginable amount of money, you could build a transatlantic tunnel for that much, or a 3 mile tall apartment building, or solve world hunger. This shows the greed of the music industry and how much they care about profits and how they disregard any other major problem in the world.

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