Free speech on the Internet to be lost.

Posted: November 23, 2011. At: 10:08 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2213
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The Internet that we know that has free speech and freedom of expression as its keystone is due to be restricted with free speech under attack under the guise of protecting against piracy and pornography. But they really want to take away our freedom to say what ever we want about the current state of the world. The MPAA and the American Congress are pushing this with the angle that more jobs will be created with this bill, but how the frack are they going to create more drokking jobs when they are selling off all American jobs to overseas companies? Much like our air-headed Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who is subservient to the American president and has no real ideas of her own except looking good on TV. But this bill must be defeated, this will do nothing to prevent piracy and the pirates who distribute copied material will just find another way to distribute it that does
not involve torrent sites.

American Bald Eagle.
American Bald Eagle.

If they are saying that this will protect children from pornography they are wrong, there was a blacklist on Wikileaks that was supposedly child exploitation material, but contained nothing of the sort. The Internet Filter proposed in Australia by Steven Conroy would if implemented, have created a blacklist for ISPs to apply that would have blocked various websites that supposedly contained illegal material, but the websites that were in the list were not illegal websites at all. There is more information here [].

it would make more sense for parents to actually supervise their children online, but that is too much work for most of them to be honest and it is better to allow the powers that be to censor the Internet instead of actually supervising your children and installing your own filtering solution to protect your kids from Internet threats. But most of the public just go along with the scare campaigns and FOX news and can not form their own opinions at all. If you have a website, then join the campaign and help keep the Internet free.

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