Firefox 4.0 to be released next month.

Posted: January 14, 2011. At: 3:41 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 877
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“Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Mozilla, has announced that the company is almost ready to ship Firefox 4. On its mailing list, Mozilla has revealed it has around 160 hard blockers to fix, before proceeding to Release Candidate stage. Both the RC and the final version would arrive in February, according to Sicore. Mozilla was originally planning on having Firefox 4 out by the end of last year, but it had to delay the release till 2011. Last month, Firefox 4 Beta 8 was released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux 32-bit/64-bit, with support for 57 languages. Mozilla’s roadmap says it still wants to release a Beta 9, a Beta 10, and at least one Release Candidate build before the final version.”

Firefox 4 is all well and good, but the removal of the status bar and the inclusion of a random toolbar that displays various icons such as your utorrent icon, a facebook icon and other things that looks like one of those add on toolbars that various programs install, like the Winamp toolbar. Very annoying, not being able to hover over a link and see where it goes. I will be sticking with Firefox 3.6 for now. I am typing this in Firefox 3.6.13 and that is all the browser you will ever need and dumbing down the interface will not help. The status information in the address bar[?] is not as easy to see actually as it was in version 3.6. They should give users an option to restore the status bar back the way it was. Then they would not lose any customers.

There was also a story of Slashdot about a man that was suing Wikileaks for scaring him, but that is not even worth talking much about.

IBM – Why Jeopardy!?

This story concerns the IBM computer that can play Jeopardy. The computer is becoming as smart as humans, and will soon be as powerful as Skynet or HAL. That is frightening. The whole Skynet defense network will become a reality. With supercomputers controlling the military hardware all over the world, the movie Eagle Eye will become a reality and everyone would be under surveillance. We must welcome our new silicon overlords and maybe they will not wipe us out with a nuclear war and then the rise of the machines. I want to live long enough see them build X-Seed 4000. a 4000m tall building that could accommodate up to 1 million people.That would be the largest building ever built in history. I know they say it will never be built but I believe it will be eventually. Then they might even build one as tall as Everest. The Ultima tower is two miles tall, and if built will be pretty awesome to see.

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