Fedora 15 is an excellent Linux distribution.

Posted: October 24, 2011. At: 3:28 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2074
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After using the excellent Gnome 3 desktop in Fedora core 15, I am really starting to enjoy it. Mostly due to the fact that suspend works perfectly and I can just put my machine to sleep and then wake it up straight back to my Gnome desktop ready for another day. After getting all the multimedia codecs installed, I can play all of my movies and listen to all my music as well. The Doom editor Yadex is also included in the Fedora distribution and is a very good DEU styled WAD editor for Linux. I am not sure if the Ubuntu distribution supplies this package in their repositories, but they should. The Yadex package also installs Freedoom to allow you to create wadfiles and then play them with a free and open Doom2 wadfile. The Lxde desktop is also a fast and reliable alternative to Gnome & KDE if you want a faster loading Linux desktop for your computer. Linux has had many unique desktops such as FVWM, Afterstep, Enlightenment & Icewm. FVWM. FVWM is a very versatile window manager that can be configured to look like Windows 95, Afterstep, or Blackbox with the fvwm-themes package installed. The new Gnome desktop is a great achievement to create something totally different to the previous incarnations that we all know and love.

Fedora Core 15 is a very fast and reliable distribution of Linux and only includes free software, although non-free codecs and software are easily installed through the add-remove software and through the command-line package manager Yum. Libre office 3.3 is included and Evolution 3.0.1 for your E-mail needs. Evolution integrates perfectly with Google Gmail allowing you to manage your web-mail more easily. That is an excellent feature, I think that Windows live mail can do this as well, but I would rather be running a free open source desktop than Windows 7 now, mine was activated, then it went to a black desktop and required re-activation online, but I installed the latest Daz Loader and then it was fixed. Sure this is a dodgy way to activate Windows, but I need it to run some applications like Doom Builder that will not run on Linux with Wine. I am watching the DVD of Event Horizon as I type this using Smplayer, as that program has so many features. Playing a DVD necessitated installing the Libdvdcss package with the yum install libdvdcss command, but that is not hard, I posted before about how to enable the installation of restricted codecs on Fedora Core 15 and this will help out anyone that has a fresh install of Fedora and is wanting to play their MP3 music and Xvid movies like I do.

The Google Android operating system is good example of Linux in the mainstream running on tablet computers and mobile telephones, but it has been plagued by security problems and is best left alone until these problems can be fixed. I use a mobile telephone that runs the older Symbian OS instead of a Google Android phone as I am not sure about it now.

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