China still using Internet Explorer 6.0

Posted: July 19, 2011. At: 12:19 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1748
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IE 6.0 usage around the world.
IE 6.0 usage around the world.

China are still using the venerable and dust covered Internet Explorer 6.0 browser even after all of this time, I guess the great firewall of China and the censorship in the communist regime precludes any real advancement in software updates in that country. But Windows XP is ten years old and well past it`s use by date after three service packs and and the addition of the security centre still has not made it very secure at all, not compared to Windows 7 SP1 which I use sometimes to run some software which will not run on Linux Mint with wine. I was using Internet Explorer 8.0 today to browse my website and test that the CSS would work, and as I said in the previous posting, the CSS drop-shadows on the website borders will not work, but they do work in Internet Explorer 9.0 perfectly. IE is not the most secure web browser by any means, and it is frightening that banking websites in China still use ActiveX to login users, that is very insecure if you need to enable ActiveX to run to be able to log-in to your favourite banking website and do your banking and pay bills, transfer money Et Cetera. Here are some useful statistics concerning Internet Explorer usage. This website has nice graphs and information. But you really should get Firefox, it is much better than IE and provides more security as well. Get Firefox!

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