Checking /var/log.

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Checking the /var/log files is very important. This can show you a lot of information about what is happening with your Linux system. The below command shows how to get a list of previously installed programs on a Debian based system.

[email protected]:~$ cat /var/log/apt/history.log | grep install
Commandline: apt-get install nasm
Commandline: apt-get install urlscan urlview
Commandline: apt install cloc
Commandline: apt-get install vlc
Commandline: apt install gconf-editor
Commandline: apt install dconf-editor
Commandline: apt install mate-menu mate-control-center mate-desktop-environment-extra mate-desktop-environment-extras
Commandline: apt-get install chocolate-doom doom-wad-shareware prboom-plus
Commandline: apt install mate-tweak mate-netspeed
Commandline: apt install ncdu
Commandline: apt install xclip

The /var/log/syslog file contains information about started and stopped services and cron jobs. Good for keeping track of systemd.

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