Beyond 2000 and modern technology.

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I have been reminiscing about the old Beyond 2000 TV series from the 1980’s that showed us how the future would look in the year 2000. They promised flying cars and Star Ttrek styled cities, but this has not come to pass yet, as we do not have an affordable anti-gravity system for cars yet and we do not have baby sitter robots either. We have Qantas Airlines that are flying aircraft with faulty engines due to off-shoring maintenance to Indonesia instead of doing the proper maintenance work in Sydney like it should be with an Australian Airline. This is endangering lives and giving the airline a bad name. I would love it if we really had Star Trek styled cities and flying cars, then the roads would not be as clogged, maybe the skies would be full of lanes in the air as seen in the motion picture the Fifth Element. That would be pretty cool, but it could be a source of even more pollution visual as well as from exhaust.

I remember watching the original Star Trek series and seeing the episode where Kirk was fighting the reptilian creature and I was waiting for the bus to school the next day and I got a concrete pipe and pushed some ground up coal into it pretending it was the cannon that Kirk used to win the fight. It is amazing how you act out what you see on TV… Sure I would love to have my own space craft, like a shuttle-craft, or the Deadalus from Stargate Atlantis. Then I could visit Jupiter or Saturn and see the moons of those huge planets like Iapetus or Ganymede. Even Europa, although we are not supposed to land there. The black monolith aliens are hiding evidence of life on the Jovian moon according to the book 2010. Life never pans out like the author of the book Arthur C Clarke predicted. But he was indeed a visionary, promoting the idea of wheel shaped space stations rotating in space giving humans living space and a jumping off point to the moon, just as shown in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. That movie was totally about science and less about Sci-Fi as seen in Stargate and Star Trek. The writer of this article linked here is right, that aliens are not going to be greys or Green dwarves, they would maybe something more incomprehensible like the Guild Navigators in Dune, that are mutated by the Spice melange and have super advanced brains capable of calculating the almost corporeal mathematics needed to fold space and travel across the galaxy.

Sundiver, by David Brin
Sundiver, by David Brin

The uplift saga shows this as well, where the aliens took away technology from the humans and forced them to learn complex mathematics using their brain power and enabling them to construct ships capable of flying into the chromosphere of the Sun and doing their research. Btw, what do you think of this computer build? From Nice Core i3 system. I want a good flatscreen monitor to go with my fast system, I want something that can run most modern games very well.

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