64bit upgrade.

Posted: January 19, 2011. At: 3:21 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 893

I have just upgraded to a 64bit installation of my favourite OpenSuse 11.3 distribution. It is feeling slightly faster than the 32bit version and all I need now is a 64bit version of Flash… That is available, and I have just tested the plugin and it works with Firefox. Too good, now I have a fully 64bit system and 64bit Flash working, but it took quite a lot of hunting around to find that plugin. The overall system performance with a Gnome desktop and Firefox is very fast with only 2GB of RAM installed, the system is still perfectly responsive and fast. Better than what I have heard about 64bit Windows 7. But it is good to be able to use something like OpenSuse instead of Windows. I bought it online from OS disc.com for only AU$5.95.00 and with shipping it only cost AU$8.00. Very good value indeed. I will have to do some more research on 64bit systems, but I am happy with my decision to move ahead into the future.and move away from the 32bit world with it’s 4GB RAM limit.

This is a good video about 64Bit OpenSuse Linux. This is the OZGUI Tech Show and well worth watching. Now that Suse is owned by Novell, there will be a lot of money behind the distribution and this can only help in the future.

And it is faster than Windows and not a simpler distribution like Ubuntu, which does not have the comprehensive Yast configuration tools like Suse has to configure your system. Suse has always been a very good Linux distribution and I have enjoyed using it in the past, now it has gotten even better with this 64bit release.

http://www.berthon.eu/ice_and_fire/?p=383 This posting is mentioning the 64bit Adobe Flash Player and the open source Gnash flash alternative. I will have to give that a test and see if I can get that to work as well, I have tried the 64bit Adobe Flash Player and it works perfectly, so I will try the Gnash player next. get it here. http://www.getgnash.org/.

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