Watchdogs game showcasing more realistic hacking with Linux and SSH; but the crashes spoil this fine game.

Posted: June 8, 2014. At: 10:17 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 7372
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The watchdogs game is a new shooter game that uses strategies such as hacking into phones and streetlights to achieve various game strategies. The intro shows a reverse SSH tunnel and various Linux hacking tools that the protagonist and his friends use against the enemies. This is rather common in modern films as well, Dredd used realistic nmap usage to find information about a host. This is a sign that more realistic depictions of computer usage is on the cards for games and movies in the future. The only problem with this game, apart from the constant crashes, is the DRM and the need to use Uplay to login to your Ubisoft account before you may play the game. That is a very annoying feature, although you could play games like Far Cry 3 offline, this may not be the case with Watchdogs. I played this game for 5 minutes and then I was getting constant crashes, this is on Windows 8.1 with 6 gigabytes of RAM and a Radeon HD6670 with 1 Gigabyte of VRAM. I will wait for Far Cry 4 instead, but with all of the DRM that Ubisoft force on to players, no wonder people pirate these games instead. NoSteam versions play out of the box without requiring a PC login to Uplay, but these are risky due to the possibility of getting a Bitcoin miner bot on your machine.

This is the problem with modern PC gaming. It is easier to play the console versions instead. Crashes are very common right now. Better to wait for a few patch iterations before playing this waste of disk space. Ubisoft games have been a dissapointment for a while. Far Cry 1 was an awesome game, but Far Cry 2 and 3 were console games as well and the quality dropped. One annoyance was the sniping. In Far Cry, you could snipe someone from 440 meters away, but in Far Cry 3, the bullet vanishes after 250 meters. Why is this? And the binoculars that were so useful in Far Cry are gone from the second iteration. Although, Far Cry with Jack Carver was set in the future. This game is very hard, but fun at the same time. Once you get on a minigun and shred the enemies en-masse, you are hooked. Far Cry 4 needs to bring back the longer range sniping and more weapons. I missed the mortar from FC2 when I played 3.

But, getting back to Watchdogs, the introduction section that I played, where the protagonist suffers a hit on his family and then goes after the hitman and the man who ordered the hit.

[Show spoiler content.]

I am sure that once they fix the many bugs in this game, it could be very enjoyable indeed. But for now, it is too buggy to play for long periods.

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