Ubuntu installation and setup for beginners. This video and some tips will help you out.

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Ubuntu installation is very easy, this video will help out those who are installing Ubuntu for the first time.

After installation; re-boot into your new Ubuntu Linux desktop and open the terminal. Those of you using Unity may use the Ctrl-Alt-t keyboard shortcut to open the terminal window. Then type this command to update all package repository information.

sudo apt-get update

Then you may type this command to update all installed software.

sudo apt-get upgrade

Now we need to install restricted codecs to allow multimedia playback.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

This will install everything that you need for playing MP3 music and Xvid movies as well as Adobe Flash and Microsoft fonts. Very useful indeed. If you are looking for a good stable version of Linux, I recommend this one: Ubuntu 14.01 LTS: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/. This should be more stable than the cutting edge 14.04.

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