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As the times change, so must companies if they want to survive. While not all marketing trends are worth following, some make sense, and ignoring them can be detrimental to the health of one’s bottom line.

A major part of stepping into this decade before it ends is in embracing AdWords, a program that one can learn by themselves or hire an online marketing agency to help them with by engaging in Google AdWords management. Regardless of which route one chooses, not engaging in AdWords is a way of leaving money on the table that could be used for bonuses, updating office equipment, or rewarding a worthy employee with a nice trip.

The Phases of Internet Marketing

When the Internet was first being widely used, many were duped into being advertised to with spam. After that, it seemed that one could not visit a website without having a pop-up ad hit them right in the face, perfectly time to be clicked on accidentally when they meant to click on something else.

People didn’t like being manipulated and it didn’t take long for consumers to wise up and get pop-up blocker software, allowing them to see ads if they’re interested. And they’re not.

Today, consumers see ads on the periphery of an article like this one by Brooke Chaplan about corporations that make a positive impact on the communities they live in. Sometimes these ads are specifically placed by a website, but more often than not they are coordinated by Google’s technology to match relevant ads to an article’s content.

How Does This Pertain to Your Company?

Many executives may read this and think: that’s well and fine for bloggers who want to make a few bucks on the side of whatever their real career is, but I’ve got a company to run.

This is exactly where an online marketing agency would fit in. By implementing Google AdWords for your business, more traffic can be driven to your site as regular consumers browse the web.

For example, if one was to Google the keywords “get visitors to website, key marketing strategies” they would come across a piece on which discusses Dan Ariely, an MIT professor, whose research in human behavior has lead him to be one of the leading voices in influencing buying decisions.

If you were to engage in using the AdWords program, then sites like those found on Google searches would boast your company as a banner or on the side. Some ads even appear in between paragraphs.

How Does This Work?

In simplest terms, a company sets a limit on how much it will pay to have traffic driven from AdWords. For example, a mortgage company may be willing to pay $1.00 per click, limited to $30 per day. At the end of the month, they may find there to be a 1% success rate, meaning that if 900 people clicked through from an article on refinancing a home,buying a first home, or anything of the sort, then that means 9 new customers came through for a cost of only $900.

Google AdWords management is a means of measuring just how effective one’s advertising dollars actually are. It saves the step of having to survey consumers about how they found out about your company because you’ll be able to see just how they got there. And if it doesn’t work, little is lost.

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