Bashing Microsoft ‘like kicking a puppy’.

Posted: May 25, 2016. At: 3:20 PM. This was 2 years ago. Post ID: 9169
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Microsoft used to be the top dog in the field of operating systems with their Windows releases that made computers easier to use than ever before. But nowadays, with Linux taking over on the embedded operating system front and Ubuntu becoming even more popular and the Google Android OS taking over the mobile market from Apple, are Microsoft even relevant these days? Linux distributions like Ubuntu have two major desktops, KDE and Gnome that are maturing into quite different desktops than their early incarnations, but they are becoming very bloated and very reliant on 3D hardware to run. Linux needs one unified desktop to ship with the major distributions that can make the Linux experience better for users and ease the transition from Windows as there would be a single desktop that would be similar to the familiar Windows environment but with much more security and reliability. The only problem with this is that most computers come pre-installed with Windows 7 now and if you want to format and install Linux, you still need to pay for the Windows installation even if you are not going to use it at all.

Microsoft will not give you a refund if you do not agree to the license terms of Windows and want a re-fund for your unwanted operating system. People have done that in the past, but nowadays they do not give re-funds, as it would cost them money and that is not what they like at all.

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