Average Internet speeds in 1st quarter 2017.

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Statistic: Average internet speed by country as of 1st quarter 2017 (in Mbps) | Statista
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This is the average of Internet speeds for the first quarter of 2017. Australia is lagging far behind other countries such as Asia. This is not good in 2017. Especially when the uptake of streaming services such as Netflix is rising. We need a faster Internet connection to keep up with competing nations such as China and Korea. Nepal has super fast Internet available, but I guess it is a smaller country than Australia.

Internet access in Nepal. 35 down and 42 up.
Internet access in Nepal. 35 down and 42 up.

The screenshot on the left shows the average Internet speed in Nepal. This is impressive. And I am sure it is pretty cheap as well. Better than what we get in Australia. Australia is such a large country though, it must be hard to get fast Internet to every citizen. They were supposed to give us all fast fibre connections, but we get VDSL over copper instead, and there are occasional dropouts of the Internet connection. Not the best solution for the current year. Why not upgrade the entire communications infrastructure and future proof our nation? Why are we still using the ageing copper wires in this time of increasing data usage?

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