Installing and playing the classic PC Doom game on Linux/Ubuntu.

Scythe2.wad MAP30.

The Classic PC Doom game is a master-work of game design. It is a first-person shooter that other games such as Halo copied, but they can not do as well as this classic game, since 1993, it has dominated the first-person shooter market. No other game has the atmosphere and game-play that classic PC Doom has. The Prboom source port is the best for playing Doom on PC. Type this command to install Doom and all needed files right away.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install chocolate-doom doom-wad-shareware prboom-plus freedoom

The Doom IWADS, freedoom.wad, doom1.wad live in the /usr/share/games/doom folder. If you own a copy of Doom or Doom2, then copy the doom.wad and doom2.wad into this folder and then they will be accessible to prboom and chocolate-doom.

flynn@ubuntu:~/Documents$ ls /usr/share/games/doom/
doom1.wad  freedoom.wad  prboom.wad

Prboom Plus is an enhanced version of Prboom with extra features. The Prboom+ source port has many useful features for recording demos, as well as many features that benefit all Doomers in general. Install it on Ubuntu thusly.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install prboom-plus

This will also install Freedoom, giving the player a full IWAD with 30 maps to slaughter through.

The old vanilla Doom executable would show a flashing floppy disk icon when there was disk activity. Do any modern source ports use this feature or is it a bit superfluous in these days of super fast 7200 rpm SATA2 drives and computers with an I7 CPU? I miss that feature from the days of playing vanilla Doom on a 486 sx33 with 4MB of RAM. Those were the days, we could never have imagined that we would be playing Doom on our phones. Or on a Android tablet. The great game has come so far in these modern times with Gzdoom and Chocolate Doom we have a wide choice if we want either accelerated graphics and 3d models or just classic vanilla Doom gaming. The Chocolate Doom game has a game engine that closely replicates the behavior of the vanilla Doom engine as closely as possible.

Classic Doom E1M1.
Classic Doom E1M1.

To set a custom resolution for prboom; open the ~/.prboom/prboom.cfg file with vim.tiny and change the video resolution to the values you desire. Below is an example. set the screen_width and screen_height to the proper resolution of your monitor.

# Video settings
videomode                 "16bit"
screen_width               1920
screen_height              1080
use_fullscreen                1
use_doublebuffer              1
translucency                  1
tran_filter_pct              87
screenblocks                 10
usegamma                      2
uncapped_framerate            1
filter_wall                   1
filter_floor                  1
filter_sprite                 1
filter_z                      1
filter_patch                  1
filter_threshold          49152
sprite_edges                  0
patch_edges                   0

This will fix the resolution of prboom. This is how I always fix it.