Outstanding Linux bug still not fixed after 13 years. We need to address this now.

Posted: September 3, 2017. At: 10:50 AM. This was 6 months ago. Post ID: 11284
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There is still a very old Linux bug that has still not been fixed. Microsoft has a dominating market share. This is an Ubuntu bug reported by Mark Shuttleworth in 2004 and has still not been fixed. Ubuntu is getting better though. Ubuntu 17.10 will have Wayland and Gnome 3.26 by default and have better usability than the old Unity desktop ever did. I just hope it runs better in VMWare or Virtualbox than Unity did. I have Ubuntu 17.04 installed and everything works very well. PC and laptop times are not over, no. Tablets and mobile phones are not an alternative. Alternative devices such as tablets may replace a PC at many places, but for those who want a PC or laptop, if they go to a shop, they can look everywhere only find Windows. There should be some hardware that comes pre-installed with Linux/Ubuntu (and maybe not only the old slow hardware), but this is not the case (neither for the older hardware). Windows 10 has doubtful features like Telemetry which reduces the security of the operating system. Linux is open-source and therefore safer to use than the new Microsoft operating system. Google Android `phones have a version of Linux running on them. Apple computers are based on the Darwin UNIX OS.

The Darwin UNIX operating system can be installed by itself on a VM, but I found it very hard to get it installed. Rather like installing Macintosh OSX in VMWare. China has a new Linux based operating system named NeoKylin. This has a Windows XP styled desktop and would be very easy for a Windows user to get used to. With NeoKylin, Openoffice and Evolution you can have a nice office machine that can even use Samba to connect to Windows shares. That is a good alternative to Windows 7 or 10 machines. All Openoffice needs is better compatibility with files created on Microsoft Office. I have to wonder why you would install Microsoft Office anyway, you can create an account and use Microsoft Office online with office.com. This is a good replacement for an actual installation and will of course work on any Operating System with a suitable browser. That is the future of online work. In the cloud, your files are automatically saved and are available anywhere once the user logs in to their account. So why install Office on your machine, if it is available in the cloud? A good question.

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