How to shuffle play a directory full of movies with mpv on Linux.

Posted: November 13, 2017. At: 12:24 PM. This was 2 months ago. Post ID: 11529
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The mpv movie player can play a directory of movies randomly, this is useful if the user wants movies playing randomly in the background.

Do it like this.

mpv --shuffle /media/jason/Seagate\ Backup\ Plus\ Drive/Movies/**

This is the result, a randomly chosen movie from your collection.

Mpv playing Fast and Furious 6.
Mpv playing Fast and Furious 6.

This is how to do this with mplayer. This will also pick a random movie file to play.

mplayer -shuffle -loop 0 /media/jason/Seagate\ Backup\ Plus\ Drive/Movies/**

This is how to create a random playlist of movies to have running in the background whilst doing other tasks.

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