How to have all files in a directory to all default to the parent permissions.

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This command will set all new files in the directory to all default to the permissions set to the parent directory. This is very useful when creating a new directory and you wish to ensure that the files therein have correct permissions.

[email protected]:~$ sudo setfacl -R -d -m o::rwx Documents/
[sudo] password for jason:

A very useful UNIX/Linux command.

If a new subdirectory is created within this directory, the permissions will be transferred to this as well by default.

This version of this command will do the same thing, but will not set this to be the default for new subdirectories.

sudo setfacl -R -m o::rwx Documents/

Another way to print Hello World at the Linux prompt. A strange but simple command.

jason@jason-desktop:~/Documents$ echo "Hello" >| echo "World" > out.txt; cat out.txt | rev
dlroW olleH

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