Google search terms to find interesting stuff on Google Drive.

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To find a lot of interesting stuff on Google Drive, Google Dorks can be of assistance. Various search terms can find interesting files and information that people have stored on their Google Drive.

This is the search term: [your search term] -“Whoops!”.
How to find new open directories: or, search for what you’re looking for, though sometimes you get better results by leaving the filetype on default (Palined) and Other (Filechef). (The -“Whoops!” gets rid of the results that are removed because of Google’s Terms of Service.)

Here is an example. Searching for Linux stuff on Google Drive. linux -"Whoops!"

I found this Google Drive containing a lot of themes and Linux files.

Find Hollywood movies on the largest repository of pirated material ever. "yify" -"Whoops!"

There are about 73,000 results for this search. Seriously a lot of free pirated movies on Google`s hosting service.

A similar search to find ISO images. "iso" -"Whoops!"

About 256,000 results.

A search looking for information about the Linux shell. "linux shell" -"Whoops!"

Google search term to find putty logfiles that could contain passwords or other information.

filetype:log username putty

I found one here with a Cisco router config in it.

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