Debian distribution awesomely fast and Google eavesdropping.

Posted: March 26, 2012. At: 12:13 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2984
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The Debian distribution I am using is working very well compared to the Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions that I was using before. I have installed a 3.3 kernel with the Debian kernel packaging commands and built a kernel tarball and a headers tarball that I was then able to install with the dpkg -i *.deb command. A simple and easy way to install a vanilla kernel on Debian. This will also work for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. This is why the Debian based Linux distributions win over the RPM based distributions in terms of the excellent Debian package management tools that are on offer. Building a kernel with Debian does not take very long at all, and is a good way to get the latest drivers and improve your system. After trying the Gnome Shell desktop environment on Debian Testing, I have had enough problems with that unstable desktop and I have settled on Xfce4, as it is nice and fast and may be themed to look very good as well.KDE 4.7 is available for Debian, but Xfce is just fine as a default desktop. I play DVDs with mplayer using the mplayer dvd:// command. I was watching The day after Tomorrow,the Roland Emmerich disaster film that shows a storm that sucks supercooled air down from the Troposphere and freezes the Earth. There is evidence that this has happened in the past and it could happen again in the future, the weather is getting very strange. Not to forget those strange booms in America.

They could be some indication that the Yellowstone super-volcano could be planning to erupt. If that was to happen, then the whole wheat belt of America would be wiped out. That would be catastrophic for the American people and anyone that the US exports to. Getting back to Debian, the Debian 6.0 distribution has a very nice console font and it is very fast. I am using the Iceweasel and Chromium web browsers that are available for Debian, I am not interested in using the Google Chrome browser, that has some security and privacy issues that comes with it, Chromium is a better choice. I wanted to install an extension for Chromium that provides a drop down menu for the address bar, like Iceweasel and Firefox have, but it told me that it was available for Chrome and wanted me to install that instead. Google are rolling out technology that can use your computers sensors to listen and detect the ambient temperature in your home or work environment and target advertisements to match that. So if the system overhears you talking about purchasing a new car, it would then target certain advertisements to you that are about new cars. This does have many privacy issues, I hope that they see sense with this and do not eavesdrop on people without their knowledge as that could be construed as a crime.

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