Copy a file from one UNIX/Linux machine to another using the sftp utility.

Copying a file with sftp from one UNIX machine to another is very easy. The command below uses the SSH protocol and initiates a connection to the remote PC.

ubuntu ~ $ sftp -P 443 jason@

Press ENTER and type your password. The user will be presented with a sftp> prompt.

ubuntu ~ $ sftp -P 443 jason@
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
jason@'s password:
Connected to

Then type this command to retrieve the remote file to your local machine.

sftp> get root.jpeg
Fetching /home/jason/root.jpeg to root.jpeg
/home/jason/root.jpeg                                                                                              100%  400KB  36.3KB/s   00:11

Now the file is on my local machine…

ubuntu ~ $ ls -hula root.jpeg
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ubuntu ubuntu 400K May 10 00:52 root.jpeg

That is how easy it is to get files from a remote UNIX/Linux machine. Type ? at the sftp prompt to get help on commands.

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