A useful script for gaining information about your Ethernet adapter.

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This useful shell script will print information about your Ethernet or Wireless adapter. This is very useful for getting a lot of information at once.

echo "Showing information for the active network interface: $DEV."
echo -e "-*- \e[1mGet timestamping information for your Ethernet device.\e[0m -*-"
ethtool -T $DEV
echo -e "-*- \e[1mPrinting main information about the Ethernet device.\e[0m -*-"
ethtool $DEV
echo -e "-*- \e[1mPrinting out the permanent hardware address.\e[0m -*-"
ethtool -P $DEV
echo -e "-*- \e[1mPrinting Ethernet adapter IP address.\e[0m -*-"
# This tip from: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/103241/how-to-use-ifconfig-to-show-active-interface-only
ifconfig | grep "inet " | grep -v | sed -e 's/Bcast//' | cut -d: -f2

This script uses the ethtool command. This is very good for gaining IP address info as well as other useful information.

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