Windows XP support has ended. This is time to update to a better operating system.

Posted: April 11, 2014. At: 11:47 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 7149
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Windows XP support has ended.
Windows XP support has ended.

Support for Windows XP has ended, this means that there will be no further updates for Windows XP on the desktop. This is a good time to upgrade either to Windows 7, which is supported until 2020; or to use Linux Mint and enjoy a faster and more reliable desktop operating system. I am using Linux Mint 16, I have Windows 7 Ultimate running in a KVM Hypervisor Window with Firefox nightly, this is a good way to use Windows and Linux at the same time. This way, if the Windows installation clogs up I still have the ability to re-build the VM in short order and be up and running with Windows apps. But Linux has quite a few useful applications that make it a good desktop choice. I am downloading the ATI video drivers within the VM, I am intending to test if the accelerated video drivers will work in a KVM Hypervisor. That will be very interesting. Windows XP has had three service packs applied and it still is not as secure as Linux. But if you run as an unprivileged user and not with an Administrator account, it will be more secure than the default. Although you really should install something more recent if you want worthwhile security. You could even use Windows Server 2012 R2 build 9600 as a desktop operating system and that would be very secure indeed. That build has the new Modern UI shortcut button. Windows 7 is very secure, I like to run as a normal user and UAC takes care of authenticating me when I need the Administrator password.

But Microsoft might get over their tablet and phone obsession and create an operating system for the PC again, with a Windows 7 styled interface. That would be very good for PC users. Tablets are cool, but you cannot program and build a game on one. Developing a map for Goat Simulator is easy on PC when you are using Unrealed 3.0, but not practical on a tablet. That is why we still have PCs to game on and run Hypervisors. I managed to get Spice working with my KVM Hypervisor, I can run Windows 7 at 1600*900 in a window and the performance is very good indeed. After installing 2.4 gigabytes of updates onto my Windows 7 VM it is now working very well. I just installed Firefox Nightly to browse with. The new Chrome layout is quite strange, but it is still usable. I doubt that the new Firefox will work on Windows XP. That operating system is fast and usable, but not very trustworthy these days. Better to upgrade to Mint and enjoy a faster and more reliable desktop with better hardware support. Read more about your options for upgrading here: There are many options out there.

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