Using apt-get over a proxied Internet connection. This is easy.

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How to use the Debian apt command over the Internet through a proxy.

South Park computer guy.
South Park computer guy.

If you wish to use the apt-get command on Linux and you are behind a proxy like at a college, then this simple tweak will take care of this issue. Use the sudo touch /etc/apt/apt.conf command to create the apt configuration file and then add this line to it and edit it with your proxy details. Then the apt-get command will work perfectly.

The line to add to /etc/apt/apt.conf.

Acquire::http::proxy "http://Myusername:[email protected]:8080/";

Another way is to set the proxy temporarily at the command line like this in an environment variable. This will be lost when the terminal window is closed.

export http_proxy='http://Myusername:[email protected]:8080/'

This will set the http_proxy environment variable to the value defined above and the sudo apt-get command will then work. I tried this on Linux Mint 15 and I did not need to set the http_proxy value as root.

How to set the proxy settings for YUM on Centos:

How to enable the proxy for OpenSUSE:

Proxy support for Mandriva Linux:

How to add the proxy settings on FreeBSD 10.0.

If you are using FreeBSD 10.0 and the tcsh shell; use this command to enable the proxy.

setenv http_proxy 'http://John.Smith:[email protected]:8080/'

I just used this in VMware and it worked a treat.

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