Useful online resources for learning the bash shell and other useful Linux documentation.

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Some useful links and bits of information for budding Linux users.

Bash cheat sheet.

This is a very useful bash cheat sheet that will greatly assist you when you are learning the bash shell. (PDF).

The .bash_history file may be blocked by using the unset HISTFILE variable in your .bashrc file.

Read more about this here:

Convert a comma delimited file to newline delimited.

Here is an example using the sed command to convert a comma delimited file to newline delimited.

cat banlist.txt | sed s'/, /\n/gi'; > banlistnewline.txt How to use xrdp to remote desktop into a Linux box from a Windows machine. This is very useful for administering a Linux machine remotely.

Bash reference manual.

A good reference for anyone who wants to learn more about the bash shell.

TLDP Linux HOWTOS directory. A comprehensive directory of HOWTOs that covers just about everything you would want to do on Linux.

TLDP Linux kernel documentation. A book dedicated to the Linux kernel and very useful if you want to write a device driver or just want to learn more about the kernel.

FreeBSD handbook. The FreeBSD handbook. This covers nearly everything you need to know to get the FreeBSD operating system installed.

Gentoo installation handbook. The Gentoo installation handbook. You will need to have this on hand when starting the installation.

Linux introduction handbook. The Linux intro handbook. This is a very good read for beginning Linux users.

Linux shell scripting handbook. An introduction to Linux shell scripting.

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