The Ubuntu phone Linux distribution will come with a terminal application.

Posted: January 29, 2013. At: 12:05 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5269
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The new Ubuntu phone Linux distribution will come with a terminal application. This means that users of a mobile device will be able to use the bash shell on their mobile device to use various networking commands on the phone as well as other useful Linux commands that make the Linux shell so powerful. Hopefully the Ubuntu phone operating system will be developed in the open; this is a very exciting operating system and it could compete very well with the popular Google Android mobile operating system that can be used on mobile devices and also sports a terminal application. The Android terminal application is limited though. The Ubuntu phone OS has the chance to offer much more functionality. Allowing users to install text editors like Emacs and VIM as well as other useful utilities like finger(1) and to use ping and ssh would make this a very popular mobile solution for mobile users that require the ability to administer a computer remotely. This should hopefully lead to a future with open source phone operating systems that will power increasingly powerful mobile devices. The terminal application should at least use the Busybox set of Linux command line tools and allow the installation of further tools to extend the functionality of the command line shell for networking usage as well as manipulating photographs with Imagemagick.

This will be a very good addition to the Ubuntu phone operating system; even better if the user can gain root access and use binaries that reside in /sbin. I am not sure if you would need /sbin/fcsk but there are other cool things that require root access to run properly like nmap. That would be a very good utility to have installed on your Ubuntu mobile device. There is information available on this page that explains how to install the developer tools for Ubuntu to create an app for the Ubuntu mobile OS. There is a tutorial here also that will take you through the steps involved in creating a simple currency converter app:

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