The best GTK themes and wallpapers for your Ubuntu or Linux Mint desktop.

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GTK Themes.

Zukitwo: A very good GTK theme for Gnome Shell and MATE.

DeLorean-Dark — Gnome 3.4 & 3.6:–+Gnome+3.4+%26+3.6?content=153866.


Pirate Ubuntu.

Piratunbu theme 6.0: A pirate themed look for Ubuntu.

reNIX (for Unity and GS): A squared theme for Unity and Gnome Shell.

Win2-7 Remix: A Windows 7 styled theme for Unity and Gnome.

Windows 7 styled Caja window.
Windows 7 styled Caja window.


Elements GTK theme.


Tri screen space wallpaper with mountains and lovely nebula:

Tri screen space wallpaper.

Tri screen milky way wallpaper:

Awesome nebula wallpaper with lovely green color:

Awesome green nebula.

Super high-resolution wallpaper of a castle in Scotland:

Scottish castle.

Quad screen wallpaper of Ayers Rock:

A Hong Kong wallpaper for 4 or more screens:

Hong Kong Panorama.

Tri screen everest panorama:

Everest panorama.

Skyrim Dawnstar wallpaper:

Skyrim Dawnstar.

Icon themes.

Plateau: A flat theme for MATE and Unity/Gnome Shell.

Just another Buuf Remix:

MacUltimateLeopard: A Mac OSX theme for Linux. Perfect for MATE.

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