Strange Mars dust cloud and James Cameron deep sea dive.

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The strange cloud of dust or smoke that is high in the atmosphere of Mars is quite a mystery, it could be a volcanic eruption or an ejection of matter due to an asteroid impact. This is up to 300 KM in height, you can see it reach maximum altitude and then spread out in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The best explanation seems to be a volcanic eruption, Mars has been geologically stable for a long time and now it is awakening from its long slumber. Another strange event that has not been properly explained is the Jupiter sized spheres that where feeding from the Sun. Considering the surface of the Sun is 6000 degrees celsius and the gravitational pull is 28 times that of the Earth. But they are some sort of interstellar life that can survive the chaotic environment within the Suns atmosphere. There has been no mention before of this sort of occurence on the Sun before, this is something new. The Mars volcanic eruption points to some climactic change on the red planet. If there is a large enough eruption near the poles, it could vaporise the carbon dioxide ice they are composed of and then the atmosphere would thicken and this would accelerate climactic change that would boil away even more ice making the planet slightly warmer. If this was to happen, then the permafrost could eventually thaw and water could be released that would help future Mars colonists.

The movie Total Recall had a giant alien machine that was used to boil away ice within the planet that gave back a breathable atmosphere in an absurdly fast time and saved Arnold Schwarzenegger from death. And the ridiculously red sky that looked more like the third sky in Doom II and you have quite a comedic movie. It is very entertaining, and funny to watch this movie. It is not that bad, the sky on Mars actually looks rather like the sky on Earth. The atmosphere is as thick as the atmosphere on Earth at 100,000 feet altitude and is therefore not breathable, but we will have to wait and see what happens with the volcanic activity on Mars, if that is the explanation to this mystery then it could terraform the planet for us. That would take a very long time, but it is possible. Humanity is capable of great things, we went to the Challenger Deep in a Bathysphere in 1960, sinking to a depth of 10,900 meters or 36,870 feet straight down. The pressure is 8000 pounds per square inch, that is how much pressure is pushing on your hatches and your portholes as you look out at the bottom of the ocean. But the director of Terminator II and the Avatar films, James Cameron has succeeded in reaching the Challenger Deep in a 2.5 story submersible with the same design of portholes that the 1960 submersible used.

This an awesome achievement by this man. We have explored more of outer space than we have of the bottom of the ocean and this is a good area for further exploration in the future. The Challenger Deep has now been explored twice by manned craft, this is far less than the amount of manned missions to the Moon. That says something about us does it not? But as they said in the movie The Core, Keys said that space is easy, it is empty, the interior of the Earth is far too hot and dense. The bottom of the ocean is cold and dense, the Challenger Deep is near freezing, but the massive pressure is the killer and that is why we need such strongly built pressure vessels to contain the fragile humans within. In space you only need thin hulls in a space ship as it is only containing a single atmosphere at most and vacuĆ¼m outside. We have sent a Voyager probe outside the Solar System and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics sent the Venera probe to the surface of Venus, into the hellish atmosphere that is as dense as the oceans at 1 KM depth and it is 485 degrees celsius all over the planet. That is amazing. I do not think that they have landed a probe on Mercury yet, that seems too extreme for the moment. That place is hot enough to have oceans of boiling lead, that would be an interesting sight if you stood on the shore in an insulated and refrigerated space suit.

Of course, you could not stand on the surface of the gas giant Jupiter, but the Jovian atmosphere would still be an awesome place to visit, the sight of the massive planet hanging in space over you as you stood on the icy surface of the moon Ganymede and looked up into the sky through the tenuous atmosphere would be mindblowing. Humanity truly are capable of some amazing things, we just need to get out of the rut we are sliding into at the moment. The world is sliding into Idiocracy, we are becoming a culture where the majority are obsessed with celebrity news and the latest teen movie like the abominably horrible Hunger Games. The condemned was a far better movie than this piece of trash. I am sick of hearing about celebrity news and the Obama open mic faux pas, does this really matter? Where is the real news? The television news is hardly worth watching, they only have a few stories and then it is on to sport and weather. There is 24 hour news, but that is not always the best thing. The space documentaries they have on 7mate are awesome though, especially watching an episode about Neutron stars. They are the compressed core of a star that is only about 10 KM in diameter and they could have 100,000,000 times the gravitational pull of the Earth. They are composed of Neutrons and the theoretical Quark stars that are composed of Quark matter. There is further reading on this subject at the link. They really are interesting objects, they could explain many questions about the universe I would imagine if we could get closer to one to study it.

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