Strange anomalies in our Solar System. The planets and moons are giving us a lot of quality images.

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Large vortice in the atmosphere of Saturns moon Titan.
Large vortices in the atmosphere of Saturn`s moon Titan.

The Solar System has an array of 13 objects, and they are providing many mysteries that are baffling scientists all over the world. The recently discovered vortex storm on the south polar cap of the Saturnian moon Titan is a mysterious storm that could be caused by the same scientific principle that causes the hexagonal storm on Saturn. That is also on the polar regions of the planet, but unlike Titan, Saturn is all gas, lighter than water. The rotation of the planet could be causing this, although we do not get these effects on Earth. There is even a huge south polar storm on Venus, that planet being shrouded in thick clouds is conducive to huge storms. But why the strange storms on all of these planets concentrated at the poles? And once again, turning to Jupiter, the Jovian giant, there is a huge vortex at the North pole with a bright shining core… This could be just an effect of the camera that captured this animated image. Read more about the Jupiter anomaly here. The interesting thing about Titan is that the atmosphere is the same as the primordial atmosphere of the Earth in the very distant past and it could harbour life in the future when the expanding Sun warms up the planet. The possibility of this happening is incredible, this is why we have sent probes to Titan to study the atmosphere, it is a privilege to study a primitive version of our own planet and we could watch the evolution of this moon into a habitable environment for life.

Strange hexagon shaped storm on Saturn. is this a superstorm.
Strange hexagon shaped storm on Saturn. Is this a super-storm?

This is why we must spend some money on space exploration, instead of wasting it on pointless wars against Islam, I do know that warfare was the instigator for the rapid progress in rocketry, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a proponent of the science of rocketry, the technology that was later used by the Germans to construct the supersonic V2 rockets that were used to bombard London during the Blitz. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky built the first russian wind-tunnel in 1897 to test various aerodynamic shapes and pioneered the technique of wind-tunnel testing to test the shape of various craft before flight. The rockets travelled at 5,760 km/h, which means that they impacted before the sound of their engines reached the target. NASA received the Nazi rocket scientists after the war and Verner Von Braun built the massive Saturn IV rocket that took astronauts to the Moon. At least the Moon does not have an atmosphere, therefore it is exempt from the polar storm club. But Neptune also has a huge polar storm, this has been recently captured in this enhanced image to the right. There must be a reason for so many planets having polar storms, Uranus seems to be the odd one out, but every other gas giant and even solid planets/moons with thick atmospheres all have polar storms. The Sun even has storms raging at the south polar cap.

Huge polar storm on Neptune. A member of the polar storm club.
Huge polar storm on Neptune. A member of the polar storm club.

But the Sun is quite a chaotic environment anyway, it has sunspots, which are a sign of a healthy Sun, if there are no sunspots, the fertility rate on the Earth can decline, this is outlined in this document (PDF). if we have no sunspots on the Sun at all, then we receive increased radiation and this causes a decline in the fertility rate on Earth. But a powerful solar flare would endanger our modern technological world, this is due to the electromagnetic pulse that is emitted from the Sun in the flare and this can induce currents in power lines that can fry electronics. That is why we are hoping that this never happens. The movie Knowing featured a massive solar flare that incinerated the Earth, this movie was interesting, but hopefully this type of disaster will not befall the Earth. An Asteroid impact is a more likely fate for our unfortunate planet.

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