Some more good themes for the Linux Mint MATE desktop.

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Some awesome themes and wallpapers for the Linux Mint MATE desktop

Themes Linux is not Vista. A Windows Vista styled theme for Gnome and MATE. Mac OSX Aqua theme for MATE. Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine. Faenza-Cupertino icon theme. OSX Nostalgia icon theme. E17 GTK. This is a theme for GTK that allows GTK apps to blend into an E17 desktop. Metro styled Conky theme. This would be an eye-catching addition to any desktop.

Wallpapers. Sun Solaris wallpaper.

UNIX commands wallpaper:

Gorgeous Snowy Mountains wallpaper:

Creepy Prypyat wallpaper:

Another shot of the same location in Prypyat:

Creepy pile of gas masks in Prypyat:

A gorgeous ocean wallpaper set on another planet:

Ubuntu logo wallpaper:

Windows NT Neanderthal technology.

Windows 8 BSOD wallpaper:

Commodore 64 logo wallpaper:

An epic planet explosion wallpaper:×1200/2008/Space_Planet_Explosion_010521_.jpg.

Awesome giant spaceship wallpaper:

Massive Warhammer 40K wallpaper:

Misc theme links Quality Numix themes. Awesome computer generated wallpapers. A wallpaper search site for the 4chan website. This will find you some awesome wallpapers.

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