So-called 2012 apocalypse tomorrow. What are we going to come up with next?

Posted: December 20, 2012. At: 5:45 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5050
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The so-called December 2012 Apocalypse is tomorrow. This will be a non-event but what will we come up with next? Sure the Sun will burn up the Earth in about 5 billion years and the planet Earth will be unlivable for multi-cellular life in about 300 million years. So the Earth will end eventually; either by an asteroid impact or by a slow roasting as the Sun runs out of hydrogen and swells up into a red giant. That will be a slow death indeed; but humans are unlikely to survive past 100 million years even assuming that we are still on the planet by then. But there was the rapture prediction by Harold Campling and the Y2K bug amongst other things that were supposed to cause loss of life and they passed without incident. There is the upcoming 2038 bug that will affect Linux systems but that only affects 32bit systems and they are unlikely to be in common usage by 2038. But this is a common thing, someone will take a calendar left behind by a scattered and once great race and use it to preach doomsday. This is only resulting in needless deaths due to belief in the doomsday myth. There is that French doomsday cult that is threatening mass suicides on the December 21st date.

It is nothing to worry about, this date will pass by like others have and nothing horrible will happen. There have been many natural disasters that have befallen the Earth but they have nothing to do with the so-called December 21 2012 doomsday Christmas holidays date. But someone will come up with another doomsday date and we will eagerly await that date to laugh at all of those who actually believed that the world would end. There is a good explanation of why this nonsense is bullshit here: Now can we get on with the holidays or what?


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