Reboot short film showcasing more technical failures in modern film. Using the Windows CMD on Mac?

Posted: July 14, 2012. At: 7:06 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 4250
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There is a new short film out now that has a scene where a character is using an Apple Macintosh computer, yet the terminal window has a Windows command prompt in it? The character is using the Aircrack-ng WIFI cracking utility to crack the passkey for a WIFI network, but they are using the Windows CMD prompt on the aforementioned Macintosh computer!

Using a Windows CMD session on a Macintosh computer?
Using a Windows CMD session on a Macintosh computer?

This film also shows an Apple iPhone loading into a Linux session. That shows that this movie is going to be a massive technical failure. Television shows like Bones, NCSI, CSI and Numb3rs are amongst the many examples of television that can zoom 180000x into a grainy blurry video and see a reflection in someone`s eyeball that shows the face of the killer. And cracking 256bit encryption in seconds whilst recieving oral sex as indicated in the movie Swordfish. That is another massive technical failure, in fact the whole movie was one big failure. This thread: has many examples of failures in the CSI shows. The double hacking incident in NCIS and the zooming into the Terapixel camera images to recover the image they are after is also fail. More CSI fails below. My other posting about this goes into more depth about the massive fail that CSI is. In the Matrix Reloaded, the usage of the Linux machine and Nmap was pretty accurate, but this is rare in film.

Another shot showing the Windows CMD prompt running on the Macintosh.
Another shot showing the Windows CMD prompt running on the Macintosh.

This is another screenshot showing the character using DOS commands on a UNIX/BSD based Apple Macintosh machine. WTF is this? Movies are going downhill very rapidly these days. This is scheduled to be shown at Defcon very soon, they obviously do not have very high standards if this is the best that they are showcasing. Maybe the Apple machine has Dosemu installed and they ported the Aircrack suite to DOS, but that would not work. The Backtrack Linux distribution is a good way to use the Aircrack tools and it comes with WIFI drivers already patched and ready to go. But I do not think you can get it working on a Macintosh computer. Television shows and Movies hardly ever get technical stuff correct, only Tron Legacy got the UNIX commands right with the UNIX operating system they were using in the movie. But this one is descending to the same depths as Bones and CSI in terms of getting computer technology correct.

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Here is an actual video of Metasploit (running on Linux this time) attacking a Windows victim with almost the same payload:

Clearly shows the Windows command prompt appearing inside a Linux terminal window. The payload used in this video is actually the newer 2-stage windows/shell/bind_tcp, while Reboot shows the older, single-stage windows/shell_bind_tcp, but they both behave the same.

There is no error here. The 2nd screenshot shows a Meterpreter remote shell spawned by Metasploit on the victim machine, which is running Windows. Hence the appearance of a Windows-like command prompt inside a Mac terminal window. This is really what Metasploit looks like when attacking a Windows machine using a Mac.

The 1st shot is Metasploit’s own interface in the background, and aircrack-ng (apparently redacted to “crack-ng” in post-production, as it’s off-center) in the foreground, both running in normal Mac terminal windows. The terminal settings on both shots are set to show white text on a black background instead of the Mac default black-on-white, but they are clearly Mac terminals, not Windows command lines – notice the antialiased TrueType fonts, which the Windows command line didn’t support until Windows 10, released several years after this.

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