Polish supermarket display screen that is running the Gentoo Linux distribution.

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Supermarket in Poland running Linux on their display.
Supermarket in Poland running Linux on their display.

This is a supermarket display in Poland that is running Linux and having problems with the filesystem. This is another example of the proliferation of Linux all around the world. It is running on display computers, McDonald’s restaurant screens and desktop computers all around the world. This computer is running the Gentoo Linux distribution and the filesystem has encountered an error. This is prompting the user to enter the root password and fix the filesystem. I have seen this error myself. But this is an interesting sight in a supermarket. If the user runs the fsck command manually this should fix their problem with /dev/hda3 as indicated by the error text on the screen. maybe they should replace the hard disk soon if it keeps getting errors like this. it might be on the way out.

Here is another example: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-tMhLPr5WGNM/Uf6WxmoTTLI/AAAAAAAAufk/3FdjGLqSg-k/s1600/2013+-+1.jpg. The Ubuntu Unity desktop spotted running on a display in the BBC. They have Firefox open. Linux is everywhere. Television shows and movies feature Linux desktops all of the time. Linux is free, therefore this is a good choice to mold a custom interface on top of to feature in a movie.

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