New super powered Linux PC from System 76. Up to 64 Gigabytes of RAM!

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System 76 Linux PC running Ubuntu.
System 76 Linux PC running Ubuntu.

This computer from System 76 is an absolute beast. System 76 ship Linux powered computers for those of us that want to play Linux games and do 3D modelling with Blender. This computer can ship with these specs for the base model:

  • Quad-core Intel Core i7-4820K @ 3.70Ghz
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM (1866 MHz)
  • 1GB nVidia GeForce GTX 650 (384 CUDA Cores)
  • 120 GB Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive

This is quite a computer. The following components are also available:

  • Quad channel memory with up to 64 GB of high performance 1866 MHz RAM
  • Optional 6 GB nVidia Geforce GTX TITAN GPU featuring 2,688 CUDA cores
  • Intel 4th Generation Processors featuring up to 6 cores
  • Configure as much as 12 TB in redundant storage
  • 480 GB Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive

Linux would fly with these kinds of specifications. Read more and purchase a computer at the System 76 website:

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