New Gentoo based Linux distribution available.

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New Gentoo based Linux distribution

There is a new Gentoo based Linux distribution. This is called Clover OS. It comes with a basic TWM desktop window manager and is very fast to boot. No SystemD bloat.

Clover OS TWM desktop.
Clover OS TWM desktop.

The Live CD will load a default TWM desktop. But there are options after login to install another desktop environment such as MATE or KDE. I chose to install MATE and the desktop was installed and then logged into automatically. I went out to do some things and came back to see a MATE desktop waiting for me. Very nice.

Clover OS with the MATE desktop environment installed.

Clover OS MATE desktop.
Clover OS MATE desktop.

CloverOS GNU/Linux

Official homepage:

Current LiveCD. Download here:

Package count: 2288
Official IRC channel: #cloveros on Rizon
License: WTFPL


Try it for yourself and see what you think of it.

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