More awesome wallpapers for your Linux or BSD desktop.

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More awesome wallpapers for a Linux or BSD desktop.

The wallpapers.

Pandora and orbiting spaceship:×1080.jpg.

Astronaut with surfboard on alien planet:

Awesome planet wallpaper with a giant superstructure on it:

Astronaut having a beer on the Moon:

Awesome view of planet Earth and the Milky way galaxy:

The sun rising over clouds with the Earth in the background:

Incredible wallpaper of a stone bridge over a tranquil river:

This is a beautiful wallpaper, A tree trunk in front of a still mirrored lake:

Trees against a lovely blue sky:

Awesome KDE 4 icon themes.

Evolvere icon theme:

Hycons icon theme:

KDE themes.


KDE window decoration themes.

Window Decoration Themes for Plasma Next:

Vista Linux Compiz theme:

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