Lovely GTK themes for the Linux Mint MATE desktop.

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  1. Some lovely desktop themes for MATE
  2. Lovely Linux wallpapers
  3. Linux Mint icon themes
  4. Linux cursor themes

Some lovely desktop themes for MATE

Flat Plat. A nice material design flat theme for Gnome Shell. This is a gorgeous look for your desktop.

Curvylooks theme for the Gnome and MATE desktops.

This theme is a lovely GTK theme that looks rather like Bluecurve whilst maintaining a beautiful style of it`s own. You may read about this theme here: To download this theme for OpenSUSE there are RPM packages on this website; Just download this RPM file, And then right-click on the RPM file and choose “Extract here” Then navigate to the CurvyLooks directory and copy this to the ~/.themes folder. Then you may select this theme using the Gnome Tweak Tool.

Zukimac theme for MATE and Gnome Shell.

This is a very nice Macintosh theme for your Linux desktop.

Download this theme as a compressed archive here: Then extract the files to your ~/.themes directory, then use the theme preferences menu or the Gnome Tweak tool to setup this cool theme.

Paper GTK theme for the Linux MATE desktop. This is a gorgeous theme that provides a nice flat look to your desktop.

Paper GTK theme and icons in action.
Paper GTK theme and icons in action.

Download this theme here:

Then the theme may be installed like this.

[email protected]:/home/jason/Downloads# dpkg -i *.deb
Selecting previously unselected package paper-gtk-theme.
(Reading database ... 138306 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack paper-gtk-theme_2.1+r265~daily~ubuntu16.04.1_all.deb ...
Unpacking paper-gtk-theme (2.1+r265~daily~ubuntu16.04.1) ...
Selecting previously unselected package paper-icon-theme.
Preparing to unpack paper-icon-theme_1.4+r674~daily~ubuntu16.04.1_all.deb ...
Unpacking paper-icon-theme (1.4+r674~daily~ubuntu16.04.1) ...
Setting up paper-gtk-theme (2.1+r265~daily~ubuntu16.04.1) ...
Setting up paper-icon-theme (1.4+r674~daily~ubuntu16.04.1) ...
Fedora Core 16 Gnome 3 desktop.
Fedora Core 16 Gnome 3 desktop. This is a nice Bluecurve theme that has been tweaked to work with the MATE desktop for Linux Mint 12. The MATE desktop is the best desktop to use at the moment considering the new desktop environments for Mint and Ubuntu are pretty annoying and resource hungry. There is a direct download for this theme here: (Link fixed!). There is a screenshot here that shows what this theme looks like.

This Clearbox Metacity theme will go perfectly with the Bluecurve style. Bluecurve is the old Red Hat Linux theme that was used in the older days before Fedora Core came along.

This is another high-rated theme for MATE, called Orta, this is a GTK2 theme that is very high quality and will really enhance your desktop. Screenshot here.

More top-rated themes may be found here, the Gnome look website has the best quality themes and should be your first stop for customizing your desktop. Gnome-look allows users that have created a nice theme or wallpaper to upload it to their account and show it off to the world. Here is a Metacity theme I created in 2007. This is not the best theme but it is worth a try anyway. Get it here: Smokey SVG. Maybe someone will like this theme and use it on their computer. More of my artwork submissions may be found on this page:

Lovely Linux wallpapers

This is an example; a lovely long exposure photograph that I took, this is a very nice night-time river image that features lovely blurred moving water.

Get high-quality wallpapers here: The Digital Blasphemy website has a collection of the finest 3D rendered wallpapers, these are the best wallpapers for any desktop. The author of these wallpapers, Ryan Bliss is a master of 3D rendering and anything he creates is a masterpiece of computer artwork.

Using Google Images is another way to find high-quality photographs that make good wallpapers. Google images search. And you may select which resolution you are searching for to match the resolution of your monitor(s).

Finally, the 4walled website is a scraper that hosts incredible wallpapers. A sample search: There is also a report feature that allows the users to weed out desktop screenshots and keep only the top quality desktop wallpapers that are among the most stunning images around.

Wallpapers are very important on a desktop; they make it look very good indeed and the ability to change wallpapers and themes is a good feature of the MATE and Gnome Shell desktops. Here are a few nice examples.

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Don’t know if this is old but

Linux Mint icon themes

Mashup Five: A gorgeous icon theme for Linux Mint.

Mint KDE icons: A complete icon set for Linux Mint KDE.

Oranchelo. This is a lovely icon theme for your Linux desktop. Download this from the Github repo. Then go to the directory and type make as root to install it.

[root@localhost oranchelo-icon-theme-master]# make
# Installing Oranchelo
cp -rf Oranchelo* /usr/share/icons/

KDE Crystal icon themes.

Ubo icons theme. These icons are drawn by hand and are very elegant and beautiful.

Linux cursor themes

Openzone cursor theme for Linux.

Gruppled cursors. Very different and lovely theme.

Xeonyx cursors. Another alien looking cursor theme for your Linux desktop.

Oxygen Neon theme meant for dark desktops.