Linux Mint 15 Release Candidate released. Try this new Linux distribution now.

Posted: May 24, 2013. At: 8:02 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5749
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The release candidate of the Linux Mint 15 distribution has been released. This new version of the Linux Mint distribution brings new software and features that will please all users of Linux, the Mint distro comes with all codecs and required software that you need to surf the Internet and listen to music just by loading the live DVD ISO on your computer. That is amazing. This comes with version 1.6 of the MATE desktop and Cinnamon 1.8. There is also new artwork and new features such as HTML5 support for the login screen. This means you can easily create new themes for the login screen and customise it however you wish. There are two new software management features in Linux Mint. Driver Manager and the Software Sources application. These are to help users install required drivers and software on their new Linux Mint system. There is the ability with the new login screen to create animated and interactive themes for the login screen. This means that you could create a login screen that resembles one out of a movie. So you could make your computer look like the one out of TRON Legacy.

Sounds like the perfect thing to install if you want to get a Linux system up and running without much in the way of fuss and bother.

Read more about the features here:

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