How to install and configure the Apache2 web server on Ubuntu 12.10.

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The Apache2 web server is a very powerful and useful web server that is used to host websites all around the world. This is available for the Ubuntu 12.10 Linux distribution. To install this; type this command.

sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5
The Apache2 web server running on our computer!
The Apache2 web server running on our computer!

This command will install the Apache2 and MySQL database server packages, as well as the PHP language required to run just about every web application out there; and start the Apache2 web server upon completion. The default wwroot for the Apache2 web server is the /var/www folder that will contain a small HTML greeting page that is visible if you visit the http://localhostaddress in your browser. Below is the result of all this effort; the Apache web server running on your PC.

If you install the WordPress package with the sudo apt-get install wordpress command in Ubuntu 12.10 the blogging package will be installed to the /usr/share/wordpress folder; you will need to copy the contents of that folder into the /var/www folder to be able to get WordPress working with Apache. Another way is just to download the latest tarball of WordPress from the website and unpack that into the /var/www folder.

There is a nice guide here that explains how to set up the database connection and get the WordPress package working with MySQL: These instructions work perfectly with the Apache2 version in Ubuntu 12.10. There is a full tutorial on installing the Ubuntu 12.10 server distribution here:; this will be useful if you want to install a Linux server from the ground up. Below I have also added a nice video that shows how to install an Ubuntu server with the 12.04 distribution; this is also applicable to the 12.10 release.

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