How to find movie downloads on the largest repository of pirated material ever.

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There is a massive repository of pirated material out there, and it is not Pirate Bay. It is Google Drive. There is practically anything you can dream of on there.

Use this search term to find pirated movies. "yify" -"Whoops!"

This returns a massive listing of all the pirated material that Google have on their servers. Their service is so big that they cannot examine everything that is on their servers, and therefore they are not able to delete content that breaks the terms of service.

This search returns a listing of pirated downloads of Adobe Photoshop. Good to know that they are providing so much content to their users. Google Drive is good for storing backups of files. But there is so much pirated material on there, maybe they could have an automated bot that crawls that site and finds pirated material. If I can find ripped movies on Google Drive, surely they can too.

Use this search to find a good ISO of Windows 10 for your new computer. "windows" -"Whoops!"

Of course, I am not going to link to the actual files, but you can find them easily with the search string.

Why is Google not doing anything about this? They are hosting ripped movies and pirated software on their servers and everyone is using them as a giant repository for whatever they want to share. Hopefully, they will develop some method of detecting this pirated software and media.

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