How to extract an Arma 3 pbo file on Linux using pbo tools.

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To extract an Arma 3 pbo file on Linux use the pbo tools that have been made available for Linux.

Download the tarball here. This contains binaries that will work on 64bit Linux distributions. Updated link.

Extract the contents of the bin directory to /usr/local/bin and the contents of the lib directory to /usr/local/lib. Then run this command.

jason$ sudo ldconfig

This will make sure that Linux knows about the added libraries.

Then we can extract a pbo file using the Linux tools.

jason$ extractpbo hardcore_insurgency.Altis.pbo 
extractpbo x64Version 2.15, Dll 5.65 "hardcore_insurgency.Altis.pbo"
No error(s)

If you try to extract an encrypted pbo file, you will get this error.

jason$ extractpbo ../Downloads/QS_IA_US_13_ext.Tanoa.pbo 
extractpbo x64Version 2.15, Dll 5.65 "QS_IA_US_13_ext.Tanoa.pbo"
pbo is obfuscated

But this does work very well indeed.

Building a pbo file on Linux is very easy, just point the makepbo executable to the directory containing mission files.

jason$ makepbo co08_black-ops.altis/

This makes managing pbo files on Linux very easy. Now Linux users can run Arma 3 and also manage the missions they make on Linux as well. A good development for Linux gaming.

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